Since 1953, Southwest Controls, Inc. has been supplying mechanical and electronic equipment to users in the desert Southwest.

​As the oldest and largest manufacturers representative covering Arizona, New Mexico, El Paso, Texas, and Clark County, Nevada, we are uniquely qualified to meet your product needs. With an inventory over $100,000.00, we can frequently ship from our warehouse in Phoenix, Arizona.

​Our experienced staff of professional sales consultants can help solve your application problems. With these technical skills and an extensive product offering, you'll get the most optimum and economical solutions. We don't stop with the sale, either. Our service engineers are available to assist you, and aid in any trouble-shooting should it prove necessary.

​​If your needs go beyond a single product, Southwest Controls also has the capability of providing complete control systems. From conceptual drawings to assembly, calibration and field start-up, a full range of services are offered. Our systems page details these capabilities.

​Some of the varieties of product offerings include:

- Differential pressure sensors and transmitters 
- Venturi and orifice Plate, differential pressure sensors and transmitters
- "Vortex" flow meter 
- Coriolis Flow Meters
- Magnetic Induction flow meters 
- Variable area in-line and by-pass Rotameters 
- Ultrasonic (closed pipe and open channel) transmitters 
​- Flumes, Parshall, Palmer-Bowlus 
- Helix and Positive Displacement
​Flow Meters 
- ​Thermal Dispersion Flow Switches and Meters 
- Flow switches- Paddle and Globe 
- Positive Displacement Gas Meters 
​- Turbine Flow Meters
- Float Switches, controllers and transmitters
​- Displacer controls, On-Off and Modulating
​- Reflex and tubular level indicators
- Hydrostatic head level transmitters and indicators
- Ultrasonic non-contact switches ​and transmitters
- Ultrasonic contact switches
​- R.F. capacitance switches and transmitters 
- Magnetically coupled tilted flag indicators 
- Tilt switches for narrow and wide differentials 
​​- Radar-non-contact transmitters​ Solar powered indicators
- Diaphragm, bourbon tube and piston switches and gauges 
​- Bellows and diaphragm sensors and transmitters 
​- Capacitance plate sensors and
- "Smart" gauge, absolute and
differential transmitters 
​- Gas Pressure Regulators
​- Electronic & Pneumatic Pressure Transmitters

- Resistance (RDT) and Thermocouple sensors, transmitters
- Liquid filled capillary switches and controllers 
- Vapor tension switches and controllers 
​- "DIN" size temperature controllers

- Globe style, pneumatic and electronic control valves 
- High performance rotary control valves Manual and throttling lined pinch and diaphragm valves 
- Severe service pneumatic control valves 
- 2- and 3-way solenoid valves 
- Manual 2-, 3- and 4-way hydraulic valves 
- Miniature shut off, check and relief valves 
- Ball and butterfly valves 
- Pressure reducing and relief regulators 
​- Self-contained temperature control valves
- Single and multi-loop electronic PID and batch controllers 
- Pneumatic temperature, flow and pressure controllers, recorders
- Programmable controllers (PLC) 
- Circular and strip chart recorders 
- Electronic Drives (VFD) and Controllers Flow computers 
- Automatic dialers, voice-synthesized alarms 
- Analog conditioning and alarm modules 
- Digital panel meters 
- Electronic calibrators 
- Remote terminal units (RTU's)
​- Electro-pneumatic transducers (I/P)
- Analytical for pH, DO, Redox, conductivity, and suspended solids
- Water tube gas- and oil-fired steam boilers 
- Fire tube gas- and oil-fired steam and water boilers 
- Jet eductors, ejectors, mixers, and syphons 
- Swivel joints; loading arms 
- Steam or hot water domestic water heaters 
- Boiler feed, condensate systems and deaerators 
- UL approved double-wall flue gas stacks 
- Blowdown separators, heat recovery equipment 
- Steam and exhaust gas silencers 
​- Steam, condensate and water-flexible ball joints 
​- Fuel and lube oil rotary pumps

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