Southwest Controls, Inc. is a manufacturer's representative specializing in furnishing mechanical equipment, instrumentation and controls systems for customers located in the Southwest.                     

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We offer instrumentation, PLC's, Mechanical equipment and much more!

​The company has been in business since 1953. Our dedication to giving personalized attention to customer's needs has found ready acceptance among large and small users alike. The family of products represented by Southwest Controls are compatible and offer a wide variety of choice lending itself to unique "packaged" solutions.

​In any successful company, the key element is people, and Southwest Controls is blessed in having capable an​d dedicated employees who enjoy the challenges and flexibility of a smaller company. We offer over 165 years of cumulative experience spanning almost every type industry found in the desert southwest.

​Our staff includes graduates in electrical and electronics engineering. We offer the full range of services from design, to assembly, testing and "staging" each system in our modern facility in Phoenix. We provide installation supervision, calibration, and start-up services for all of the equipment we sell. Our fully trained engineers provide service support to our many customers. We also maintain a branch sales office in
Tucson, Arizona
that serves customers in Arizona, New Mexico, West Texas, Southern and Western Arizona, and Old Mexico.

We think you'll agree Southwest Controls, Inc. merits strong consideration as a supplier on your projects.